Whether you’re an avid gardener who wants some fresh ideas, a new homeowner with no idea what to do, in a house that needs more curb appeal, or you’re looking for a backyard escape and more outdoor living space; a landscape consult is for you.

Give us a call and we can arrange a meeting to help you find the best solution for your family, in your yard, within your budget.

Final Grade

Landscaping Services

Grading is the most important aspect of a landscaped yard! By shaping and sloping the ground properly, water is kept away from the foundation of your house and out of your basement.

Each municipal area has both rough (clay) and final (soil) grading requirements that must be met. We guarantee your grading will meet municipal standards, even if it needs to be touched up, our price remains the same.

We will even help guide you through the process, telling you which documents we need, and calling in the inspections for you.



Add beauty and curb appeal to your yard utilizing the functionality and feature elements of hardy, re-occurring plant materials. Plants can be used to disguise unsightly items such as electrical boxes or the neighbours shed, as well as to create privacy.

We understand the importance of choosing plants that are suited to the weather, soil, sunlight, and water conditions in which they will be planted. Plants will also be chosen based on your preferences for colour, size, function, and maintenance requirements.

Our softscape installation certified staff will ensure your plants are planted properly, we guarantee it.

Ground Cover

Landscaping Services

Add beauty while decreasing the maintenance of your yard by placing rock or mulch. Both rock and mulch come in a large variety of colours and textures. Planting shrubs and perennials in rock or mulch beds adds colour and dimension to your outdoor space. Eliminate the need for a string trimmer with strategic placement and shaping of rock or mulch bed areas.

Retaining Walls

Landscaping Services

Make unmanageable space more functional with the structural strength and elegance of brick retaining walls. Retaining walls can be used to flatten out large slopes, create raised or lowered areas for patios, reduce soil erosion, or to create raised planting beds.

Bricks are available in a large variety of sizes, colours, and styles that can add visual interest to any property. Retaining walls can also be made out of boulders – please see the information about natural stone.

Natural Stone

Landscaping Services
Natural stone has its own unique characteristics, with no two stones being exactly alike. If you prefer the imperfections of natural stone to the clean lines of an engineered product, talk to us about using boulders and other natural products in your yard. Natural stone has many applications including retaining walls, benches, stepping stones, or even as a feature stone.

Paving Stone

Paving stones are an excellent alternative to poured concrete; they won’t crack, avoiding the headaches of trying to shovel cracked and heaved driveways. With huge varieties in size, colour, texture, shape, finish, and pattern options there is sure to be a combination you get excited about. Paving stones can be used for sidewalks, patios, driveways, landings, and even as a lawn edging.

Check out both Barkman Concrete and Expocrete – an Old Castle Company’s products to get some inspiration for your yard!


sod rolls

Grass areas provide a cool, soft place for kids, adults, and pets to enjoy. Sod provides and instant finish to any space, and after two weeks of heavy watering is ready to enjoy.

Our grower of choice is Manderley Turf Grass; their sod is made up of a 90% Kentucky Bluegrass and 10% Fescue blend.

Artificial Turf

artificial turf

Eco-friendly artificial grass that sets a high standard for performance, aesthetics and durability. Synthetic turf is good for more than just getting out of mowing the lawn; it’s also good for putting greens, chipping fringes, and dog runs. Artificial turf has come a long way since it was first introduced, say goodbye to the days of hot, shiny, flat looking turf; new turf products from Bella-Turf are cooler and more natural looking than ever.

Specialty products have been engineered to eliminate pet odors naturally and to mimic the bounce of a golf course putting green. Finish the entrance to your business or home with an always-perfect lawn.