Residential Services

Let Three Seasons help you out this winter with a residential snow removal contract. Our staff will brave the cold for you and be out shoveling and scraping your sidewalk and driveway; digging you out so you can get on with your day.

From suburban driveways and sidewalks, to acreage driveways we will get you out of the snow bank.

Snow Removal Services
Comfort Package

Our comfort package allows you to pay only for what you get. You will be on our client list and we will come out whenever it snows more than 2 cm without you having to make a phone call. You will be billed by the hour for the agreed upon services and will receive your bill at months end.

Security Package

Our snow removal services security package offers peace of mind for you and your wallet; your monthly bill stays the same regardless of how much it snows. We will be out to clear your snow anytime it snows more than 2 cm. Your driveway will be scraped clean of tire tracks etc. regularly.

Worry Free On-Call Service
Snow Removal Services

When you sign up for our on-call service you will be added to our client list and we will guarantee not to overbook. If you call you will not be turned away and your service will be completed within 48 hours. Save yourself the hassle of calling around to find good snow removal service, sign on with someone you can trust.

*Deposit required*

Commercial Services

With the machinery and staff for the job, Three Seasons Landscaping is there to keep your business open and your customers safe. With four bobcats in different sizes, we have a machine to suit each job. Our bobcat operators are on call 24/7 through the winter, ready for whatever Mother Nature throws our way.

Never worry about whether or not your customers will be able to reach you today.

Value Package
Moving Snow Bobcat

The value package ensures that you never pay for a service that you didn’t receive. When you sign up for this service we will be out whenever the snow accumulates to 2 cm on sidewalks or 10cm for bobcat clearing. We will keep track of the number of hours of each type of service provided and bill you at month’s end for the services you received. Your bill will change month to month, but you will only pay for the amount of time we were there. The hourly billing rates can be seen below.

Stability Package
Snow Clear Bobcat

For the businesses that prefer to shy away from uncertainty, we suggest our stability package. With this package you will pay a flat rate for the month regardless of how much it snows. The level of service stays the same (sidewalks cleared at 2cm and parking lots/roadways at 10cm) and your bill never changes; making budgeting a breeze.