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Small Beginnings

Darren Wright started Three Seasons Landscaping out of his parent’s garage and it has now grown onto a 17 acre property just East of Sherwood Park. Pushing lawn mowers in the summer, Darren grew the business and clientele bit by bit, until him and his wife Crystie bought an acreage of their own. Three Seasons moved to 5 acres in Ardrossan, which worked well for many years as a home based business. More trucks were purchased, sheds were built, gravel and materials could be stored on site. With all of the room in the new location Three Seasons was booming, not to mention Darren and Crystie didn’t mind simply having to walk out their front door to get to work. 

Growing the Business

Business was good and the daily drive was pretty light! Almost a decade later, Three Seasons had filled the location and was bursting at the seams. With 3 small kids running around, Darren realized the company needed a new home. Then wouldn’t you know it, just down the road came the perfect spot: 17 acres with a brand new 4000 sq/ft shop, plenty of space for Three Seasons. So in the winter of 2014 Three Seasons moved every machine, shed, storage bin, printer, and even some rocks to its new home.

Fix’er Upper

This new home had a few flaws: the shop was not finished, still needing office floors, desks, shelves, and a coat of paint.

The Property was an Absolute Disaster

With an estimated 20,000 cubic yards of clay, soil, and turkey manure piled around the land; it was going to be a lot of work to get it ready for the summer of 2014. As much as it was a headache to get it ready, we have really enjoyed getting to build our own workspace with all the room we need, and getting to reclaim the land to turn it into something beautiful. Not to mention that doing so meant being a big kid, playing with bulldozers, excavators, and dump trucks – overall not a bad way to spend a summer.

Aerial View of Three Seasons Landscaping Ltd.

Three Seasons is continuously growing and expanding its services.

In the Summer of 2017 Three Seasons Landscaping purchased the established J & N Tree Farms, just 1km North of them. With over 3000 mature trees on 40 acres it’s a beautiful setting that is a sight to behold!

We recognize that the success of the company is not possible without the employees of both past and present, as well as their friends and families who tolerate our unpredictable and often long hours. Landscaping is truly a labour of love, it is rarely easy, and so we thank our employees, families, friends, and community for making this all happen.

It started with one person’s dreams and has captured the dreams of others.

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Meet the Team

Darren Wright

Darren  – Owner; Horticulturalist, CLT

Darren is the owner and operator of Three Seasons Landscaping.

He started the company in 1999 while attending Old’s College to get his diploma in Horticulture. As the company has grown, Darren has gone from a foreman out in the field everyday to focusing on customer service and business management (although he still likes to get out in the dirt whenever he can).

When not at work Darren spends time with his wife and three small daughters, whose collective love of glitter frequently appears on Darren’s face. Darren is passionate about the industry and its integrity, volunteering much of his time in the off-season to coordinating the certification exams for Landscape Alberta.


JJ  – General Manager; CLT

JJ came to Three Seasons Landscaping in 2008 with 3 years of previous landscaping and skid-steer operation experience. He started with Three Seasons as a labourer, expanding his knowledge of landscaping through experience and hard work.

JJ  achieved both softscape and hardscape installation certificates early on in his career at Three Seasons. It’s tough to give JJ a job title because he has so many different responsibilities: machine operator, shop & landscape foreman, truck driver, mechanic, graphic designer most recently tree spade truck operator!

His co-workers refer to him as a “wizard in the machine” because of his precision speed and skill in the skid-steers. He likes to make his job as fun as possible, having helped give personalized names to each machine he uses.

Jason Ball

Jason  – Crew Manager; CLT

Jason grew up in the badlands of Alberta and is absolutely obsessed with fishing. He comes from a construction and carpentry background, which has come in very handy for both our clients and our company. He started here as a Landscape Foreman and is now the Crew Manager for all divisions.

Jason spent many years working in sales, but grew tired of the sales lifestyle; he decided to make a change and discovered his passion for landscaping. Jason has always loved spending time outside with his family and now enjoys spending time outside with his Three Seasons family too. He hopes to obtain his certified landscape technician designation in 2017.

Jenn  – Office Manager/Project Coordinator

Jennifer is the superhero of the Three Seasons Landscaping office; as a mother, wife, dog owner, and Microsoft office champion – she manages to juggle all of that while keeping our clients happy and our office organized. Jennifer graduated from the UofA with a land reclamation degree in 2013; she has worked in both office and research positions for the past 6 years.
Her passion for nature and agriculture started at a young age on family camping trips, which she now gets to experience with her own family. According to her friends, one of Jennifer’s best qualities is her love of baking, but that might just be because they get goodie baskets each Christmas.

Lee  – Landscape Foreman  and Safety Officer

Lee’s passion for working outdoors brought her to Three Seasons in 2017. She started on the Enhancement Crew, maintaining clients already landscaped yards. Her desire to learn more about the creation of these yards led her to join the installation crew, and she has now moved up to become an installation foreman, as well as the safety officer.

When she’s not working, Lee is likely to still be found outdoors, whether it is working on the acreage, taking her dogs for walks and bike rides, or raising animals such as chickens and pigs.

Sheleen  – Commercial Maintenance Lead Hand

Sheleen started at Three Seasons Landscaping in 2016 as a labourer on a commercial maintenance crew and has since been promoted to lead hand of her own crew. She also has been a constant year round employee since, working on a residential snow removal crew.
She loves being outside surrounded by greenery and good people and has no shortage of laughter to share. There’s no time to slow down, when Sheleen isn’t at work she’s kept on her toes by her two young children. Her passions are photography, scrapbooking and honing her pool table skills.

Graham – Landscape Foreman

Graham arrived in Alberta and Three Seasons Landscaping in 2019 with 10 years’ previous experience in the horticultural industry along with a wealth of knowledge from other careers. He started out here as a truck driver/skidsteer operator, facilitating each crews deliveries and helping as an extra hand wherever needed. He has seemingly endless positive energy and always livens up the crews work day from sunup to sundown. He quickly fell in love with our positive family atmosphere, the area and is intent on putting down roots in Ardrossan. This year he is ready to roll up his sleeves and run a crew of his own as Landscape Install Foreman.

His passions are varied but says if he had to narrow it down, it would be food and aviation. He never misses an opportunity to find the latest and greatest restaurants & treats the Edmonton area has to offer.

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