Bulk Materials

If you are really more of a “do-it-yourself” kind of person, but feel like you are the only person in Alberta without a truck – we can help. Do away with all of the costly bagged materials that you purchase from hardware stores, ditch the packaging, and buy in bulk.

Whether you need a few shovel scoops or a full dump truck, we can help with your bulk material needs. From road crush and sand for under patios, soil for your planters, to mulch and rock for a decorative touch; we carry the bulk products you need to get your yard looking great!


All materials will be delivered within a 30 minute radius of our shop as determined by Google Maps for a delivery charge of $110.00

5 cu/yrd aggregate maximum per load.

8 cu/yrd soil maximum per load.

10 cu/yard mulch/bark maximum per load.

Volume calculator



Screened Topsoil
Garden Mix

Bark and Mulch

Large Douglas Fir Nuggets
Cedar Mulch
Medium Douglas Fir Nuggets
Premium Mulch
Small Douglas Fir Nuggets
Black Mulch
Douglas Fir Pathway Mulch

Gravel and Sand

20mm Road Crush
40mm Crush
Screened Sand
Washed Playground Sand
Buckshot Chips
Concrete Crush

Decorative Rock

Silver Stone Pea Gravel
20mm Cyprus Rainbow
20mm Creston Valley Crush
40mm Creekstone
20mm Silver Stone Fractured
40mm Cyprus Rainbow
40mm Creston Valley Crush
40mm Alberta Summerstone
20mm Silver Stone Round
2"- 4" Cyprus Rainbow
Creston Valley Tailings
1" Washed Rock
40mm Silver Stone Round
40mm Montana Rainbow Mix
20mm Rocky Moutain Rustic
Grey Limestone Fines
20mm Blue Limestone
Rundle Fines
2"- 4" Rundle Rock
1" Limestone
2" Blue Limestone
20mm Rundle Rock
20mm minus Black Lava Rock
2" Grey Limestone
40mm Emerald Ash
40mm Rundle Rock
40mm Black Lava Rock
2"- 4" Grey Limestone
Emerald Ash Tailings
Emerald Ash Tailings
Rundle Tailings
2"- 4" River Rock
4"- 8" River Rock